Quality catering for kids Serving pre-schools, daycares and grade schools For over 35 years

From northern illinois to southeastern wisconsin With home cooked meals using the highest quality and freshest ingredients All prepared according to the strictest usda standards.

The quality catering promise to the kids and to our customers Only the freshest fruits, vegetables, dairy products and quality meats on our menu And we offer fully organic and vegetarian menus as well.


While getting kids to eat what’s good for them can be a challenge, Quality Catering makes it easy.

 We offer not one, but multiple menu choices seven days a week. What’s more, those choices are rotated for seasonal preferences and we regularly introduce new menu items. Cooking up irresistible food delights in cutting edge kitchen equipment delivering those delights in state of the art catering vehicles

We take special care to ensure all our food looks just as good to kids as it is good for them. Color, texture, and consistency are key in investing in the latest equipment, such as the ovens and kettles shown here. Flavor, color and nutrients are locked in, assuring moist and delicious entrees.

Cooking the highest quality food the right way is only the first step.

It must arrive at your doorstep just as fresh and appetizing as when it departed our kitchens. To achieve that goal, our fleet of cutting-edge delivery trucks is outfitted with 21st century heating and refrigeration equipment to guarantee your meals arrive at your front door on time, properly cooked and at the right temperature and consistency.

Critically, all our menus are created under the watchful eye of our in-house, full-time registered dietitian-who is always keeping up with the latest research on child nutrition-to guarantee our menus meet or exceed USDA, State of Illinois and Wisconsin guidelines.


What else sets up apart from the competition?

  • We partner with our customers to assure the kids learn about proper nutrition!
  • We guarantee that our meals are of the highest quality and delivered on time!
  • We promise that our meals are based on the latest nutrition and portion size!
  • We aim to help kids develop healthy eating habits that will last them a lifetime!
  • We offer field trips to our new food preparation center in Gurnee where children can learn firsthand how food is prepared and even get firsthand experience in the kitchen!
  • We send out a quarterly newsletter to each of our schools’ educators, students and parents alerting them to the latest menu selections and substitute options and to share with them the latest nutritional information and guidance prepared by our in-house, fulltime registered dietician!
  • And our full time registered dietician, upon request, stands ready to make presentations to staff and kids alike about the fundamentals of a balanced and nutritious meals.